Whenever a gentleman takes a lady out for an evening, he will hope that his companion has an evening to remember, enjoying the venue and the gentleman’s company. This often means treating her to some of the finer things in life, but many people just don’t know how to fully appreciate them.

To help, one Busty London Escorts, Sarah, is helping clients to appreciate fine dining and wining with advice from how to choose the wine, to dining etiquette. She is offering the service in addition to her normal service to clients in the London region.


Dining Etiquette


A good meal will always be enjoyed by anybody, making it a sure-fire way to start the evening off positively. To really get the most from a good meal though, there are some things that you will need to know. Take somebody to a fine restaurant and you are likely to find that there is a certain etiquette that needs to be learned so as not to commit a faux pas, and Sarah is more than happy to help. Having mastered the art of restaurant etiquette herself, Sarah is happy to pass on her knowledge to her clients, even helping them to get prepared before they head to the restaurant.


Choosing the Right Wine for Meals


With a good meal, you would want good wine, but it is important to choose the right wine for the meal. Red wine complements fish and chicken meals perfectly, while white wine is ideal for red meats, but it can be a lot more nuanced than those simple combinations.

Sarah has trained as a wine connoisseur and knows which wines go with which meals, and she is happy to pass on this knowledge. With Sarah’s help, you will find that wines can make a significant impact on how much you enjoy your meal.




Even wearing the right clothes can be very nuanced and the finest of suits can be inappropriate for some occasions. Sarah from Elite London Escorts is on hand to let you know exactly which attire is suitable for which occasions, and where to find a tailor that will create quality clothing for you.

If you do have a high-brow occasion coming up and you are not experienced in such events, you might be concerned about not knowing exactly what you should be doing.