There’s no easy way to put it, when you arrange to meet with Elite London escorts, she is staying with you because you are paying her to do so. It may be a hard thing to accept for many men who prefer to think that the lady is with them for their charms and grace but at the end of the day, they are just doing their job. Still, though, most escorts will do all they can to make your time together seem as though your time together is genuine. Many will offer what is known as ‘The Girlfriend Experience’.

Naomi from one of the top escort agency likes to provide the girlfriend experience and says that it makes her job a lot more fun for her client as well as herself.


Making the Most of the Occasion


“I’ve always felt that no matter what you are doing, you should do your best to make it as fun as possible”, said Naomi. “That includes working in my job as an escort”, she added. “I’m going to be doing it anyway so it would be foolish for me not to make the most if it”.

“In my job as an escort, I find that means acting as though the client really is a boyfriend”, she added. “I also find it gets the best out of them as well and I get to see what their personalities are really like”. “I get taken to the theatre and all sorts and it makes my job really enjoyable at times” she added.


Services Tailor Made for Different Clients


“Not all of my clients enjoy the girlfriend experience, but that’s OK as well”, she added. “It can still be interesting to meet new people even if they do want a more formal occasion”. “It’s all really about what the client wants of course and as a professional at my job, I like to provide whatever the client prefers”. She added. “It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I hear the client had a good time”

If you would like to arrange a booking with an escort such as Naomi that likes to give the girlfriend experience, you are likely to find that one is never far away. You can ask an escort agency what services their ladies like to provide, and you are likely to find a service that’s just right for you no matter what your personal preferences may be.