If somebody told you that a session with a London escort would leave you to outbreathe, you’d likely think they were referring to a heavy sex session. Why that may well be true in most cases, for one escort it means something quite different. While London escort Karen, does intend to leave her clients gasping for breath, it is just as likely to be down to exercise than a romp beneath the sheets.


A Fitness Fanatic


Karen is very keen on keeping fit and goes to the gym every day if she is able to. She enjoys working out so much and noticed that others also enjoy keeping fit, so she thought she’d add fitness sessions as something a bit different to her normal services.

“People often say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but people do say some silly things at times”, said Karen. “I thought that a lot of people might enjoy an escort service with a fitness session included, and I was right”, she added. “Demand has been great and many clients are coming back for more”, she said. “I doubt there’s many trainers out there that offer training sessions quite as erotic as mine are, so I’ve managed to find a niche really”, she finished.


From Beginners to Experts


“Clients come to me with a variety of different fitness levels”, she said. “Some people are very out of shape and looking to get into better condition, while some are already in great shape but are looking for a workout with something extra”. “I like to work with people at different levels”, she added. “While it’s great to workout with other people that are also fit, it’s just as good knowing that I am helping other people to get themselves into good condition”. “I suppose that because I add something a bit erotic in my lessons then it’s more of an incentive for people to continue when they might otherwise give up”, she finished. “I am holding regular classes, one on one of course, and my timetable is looking pretty full and will soon not be able to accept any more clients”.

“While I am providing a beneficial and fun service to my clients, I am also getting lots of exercise myself”, she added “Somebody once said that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life and that’s just how I feel”.