Look in any magazine or newspaper and you are bound to see an ad that is to do with healthy eating or health in general. Manufacturers offer all sorts of supplements and health foods with plenty of reminders that we should keep away from fast foods and stick to healthy alternatives instead. While the advice is no doubt meant with the best of intentions, it is quite often just not practical to many people living a healthy lifestyle.

While a salad may well be filling, for example, busy people will need to take on a heavier fuel load if they are to get through the day. While a lot of healthy eating advice is aimed toward those that are dead set on losing weight, many people need advice that also takes into consideration the need to have enough energy to get through a busy day. One London escort is offering advice to ladies on how to eat sensibly while maintaining a balance between fuelling up and keeping trim.


Always On the Go.


As a London escorts 24/7 for 10 years, Jane knows what it is like to try and maintain a healthy diet while leading an active lifestyle. “It is so difficult to plan at times because bookings often come in at very short notice”, she said. “Sometimes you barely have time to get ready, let alone make something to eat”. “Many of my escort friends make the mistake of just not eating rather than getting a quick bite to eat from Burger King or something”, she said. “Not eating at all is potentially much more harmful to you than eating a burger from time to time”. “One every now and then is fine, your body can handle it. It’s only when unhealthy food is eaten regularly that it becomes a problem”. She added.

“Personally, I always try to keep something in the fridge that I made up earlier”. She continued, “That way I have a ready-made, healthy and nutritious meal ready in a couple of minutes if I get a booking on short-notice”. “I still find myself dining on a whopper from time to time through”, she continued. “They’re actually quite tasty, but of course I only do so when I really just don’t have the time to cook, or have nothing ready-made in the fridge already.


Being Prepared.


“It’s actually quite easy to prepare healthy food that you can put in the fridge for later”, said Jane. “I have some recipes that I am always sharing with the girls and it is so easy to cook them”. “Of course you don’t have to keep them for emergencies only, they will only stay fresh for a few days anyway”.

Jane will be providing valuable dietary advice to Paco Magic’s followers as well as other health and exercise tips, look out for her blogs and columns in the not too distant future. If you are a busy person struggling to balance your hectic day with the need to live healthily, then Paco Magic has plenty of help and advice for you.