A Busty london escort job will mean that they are meeting new people all the time, as such it usually takes somebody with a cesrtain personality to be up to the job. Most escorts you will meet are open-minded and adventurous individuals that have little trouble being in the limelight. Some will even need to be actresses in their job to a degree as they adapt to the different types of client they meet. This outgoing nature could make some escorts ideal people for the showbusiness trade, and one escort is looking to take her talents onto the stage.



To act or Not to act


Suzy, 32, has been an escort for 8 years and has always felt that she has what it takes to perform well on stage. She is also a big fan of Shakespeare novels and feels it is only right that she takes to the stage performing in one of the Bard’s plays. She was nervous at first but soon relaxed after joining a local amateur dramatics group where she was warmly welcomed. Surrounded by like-minded people that offered support and encouragement, Suzy took to the stage like a duck to water and is growing in confidence and ability every day. Suzy is now appearing in amateur performances around London and has attended auditions to take her acting to the next level.


Making it to the Big Stage


Suzy hopes to make it as a professional actor, and hopes to emulate one of her idols, Patrick Stewart, who is also a Shakespearean actor. In addition to becoming one of the most successful Shakespearean actors of his time, he has also appeared in TV shows and movies.

While reaching the heights that Patrick Stewart has might be considered a pipe dream, Suzy still, hopes to play a part in professional productions in the not too distant future and hopes one day to perform at the famous Globe theatre in London.


An Inspiration to Others


Suzy hopes that if she does manage to make it as a professional actress, then she will use her example as an inspiration to others that they too can achieve their dreams if only they try. Whether it is acting, singing or maybe some academic pursuit, there are doors open to people from all walks of life. All you need is talent, a lot of perseverance and a little luck and your dreams could still become a reality after all.