Weddings can take a great deal of planning if everything is to go just right. Venues need to be booked, people need to be invited and catered for, dresses and suits need to be organized. The list goes on and on. With so much to be done some people will find it difficult to cope, leaving them worrying whether or not everything will be ready on the day. Worrying too much about the big day can lead to a lot of stress on the day itself which could potentially ruin things for bride and groom. The good news though is that help is available so that you can be assured that everything will be just fine when it really matters.

Naomi and Jane, both London escorts, are opening a wedding planning service that will take the headache away from you so you are left to enjoy the build-up and the day itself. They have the experience to know what needs to be done, and the contacts that will help them to get the job done properly.


Valuable Experience.


Both Naomi and Jane have had a great deal of experience in helping other people to arrange wedding days, and decided to get together and form a company so that they can help even more people on their special day. “I was only 18 when I first help to arrange a wedding for one of my Aunts”, said Naomi. “I found that I quite enjoyed myself and that I had a bit of a flair for it”. “From then on I tried to get involved whenever I had the opportunity”, she added.

Jane, who has been close friends with Naomi for more than a decade now, has had experience working with an events planner in the past. “They organised all sorts of events, but weddings were always my favourites”, she said. “Unfortunately the company had to close and I found work as a Busty london escort, but I still learned a lot while I was there”.

The two have worked together already in planning weddings for some friends in the escort business and decided that they work well together and should be able to make a successful business from it. “Everything we have done so far has been a great success”, said Jane. “We both think that we are ready and able to step up and take on larger projects”.


A Valuable Contact List.


The pair have already acquired a list of contacts in the industry that they know they can rely on to deliver quality services when needed. From cake-makers, florists, caterers and even dress-makers, they know just who to call on to help them to get everything just right.

“It makes us feel a lot more confident knowing that we have people supporting us that we can rely on”, Naomi told us. “We can pretty much contact them, let them know what we want and then leave them to it”. “They really know what they are doing”. She concluded.