The Escort Offering Trips Away as a Service.

Are you going on a trip soon and would like a companion during your stay? It is not always possible to have friends accompany you as they may well be busy themselves, in which case you could always consider hiring the services of an escort instead. You might want to consider finding an escort at your destination, but some people may not be comfortable with this and would rather make arrangements with a service closer to home. Many escorts will be happy to be your companion on your trip, and one escort with PalaceVIP will accompany clients on trips as a special service.

Great Company Throughout Your Stay

Spending a few days with the wrong person can make for a very uncomfortable time, making you wish you went alone instead. Escort Susan, however, is known to be somewhat of a chameleon when it comes to different personalities and is able to adjust her own personality to suit her clients’. Susan boasts that she has never met a client that she has been incompatible with, and can guarantee that she will be a perfect companion on trips away.

An Experienced Traveller

Being in strange towns and cities can be daunting at times, especially if you don’t know how to get around. With Susan as a companion, however, you will have somebody with you that is experienced in travelling and is comfortable in adjusting to new places.

Being with somebody like Susan that has the confidence to explore new places also means that you are likely to discover places that many other people are likely to miss out on. Going off the beaten track allows you to have more genuine and fulfilling experiences and Susan just loves taking people to places the tour companies don’t tell you about.

A Great Organiser

If you find organizing transportation, tickets and so on to be a nuisance that you have little time for, then Susan can help you with those as well. With most of the organizing done for you then you are left to concentrate on the purpose of your visit, and enjoy any spare time you get during your stay.

If you do have a trip away alone soon for business or for pleasure, then it will be a great idea to take a companion with you. Arrange for an escort like Susan to join you, and your trip will be so much more enjoyable and a lot less hassle.

The London Escort Going on a European Tour.

Many of us dream of seeing the world, but unfortunately very few of us actually manage to do it. Travelling can be costly, putting it out of the financial reach of many of us. It is also not practical when we have commitments such as jobs and a family. Sadly, this means that the closest we come is the occasional holiday away for a week or two, if we are lucky. Some people, though, are much more fortunate. Some even manage to make travelling a part of their career.

The Perfect Job
Cherry has been an escort with PalaceVIP for 4 years, and has arranged to go on a tour around Europe. She has managed to make the arrangements partly through saving hard, and partly because she is making it a working holiday. During her time as an escort, she has met clients from around Europe, and has been able to arrange appointments with them in their own countries. In some cases, she will be having all accommodation and travel costs arranged for her. For her, escorting is the perfect job as it allows her to fulfill a lifelong dream.

First Europe, Then the World
Cherry has clients from all over the world and, once she has toured Europe, she hopes to see more of the world as well. With several clients in America, the states look like a likely destination, and she has already made some preliminary enquiries. She says that she hopes to settle down in one place at some point in the future. For now, though, she hopes to travel as much of the world as possible while she can.

Spanish Lessons with a Difference.

Have you ever wanted to learn a different language? Speaking different languages can be very beneficial, especially if you are going to be spending time in other countries. Learning a new language can be boring though and some people might give up after a while to do something more interesting. Educators around the world do what they can to make their classes more interesting to help keep their student’s attention, and one London escort has managed to do just that. Sofia is an escort working with PalaceVIP and offers Spanish lessons, with a difference.

Mother Tongue

Sofia came to London from Valencia with her family when she was just 12 years old and has never lost her ability to speak Spanish. “My family still tend to speak Spanish at home so I use it nearly every day”, she said. “Of course, we speak English around other people but when it’s just us, we always speak Spanish”. “I have worked as a Spanish teacher in the past but I found that escorting pays a lot better so I moved into that job instead”, she added. “I was with one client one evening when the subject came up, and he said he found the Spanish language to be very sexy”. “That gave me an idea”.

Lessons with an Adult Twist

“Having already worked as a teacher I knew what to do in that regard, so I offered it as an extra service with my escorting services”, said Sofia. “If somebody wants to learn Spanish then my clients can join me behind closed doors where I can teach them in a very erotic setting”, she said. “My Spanish language courses are definitely for open-minded adults only”. “Nearly all of my students so far are coming back for more, which is something that I couldn’t say when I was teaching in a classroom”, she added.

Make Your Bookings Early

Such is the success of Sofia’s Spanish courses that she is currently fully booked and has a back-log of clients queuing for her services. If you would like to book Sofia then it is recommended that you get your bookings in as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Sofia offers single lessons and also packages to help non-Spanish speakers to become as fluent as possible. So far her success rate has been excellent, which is no surprise considering just how closely her students pay attention to every word she says.

Why do People Book Escorts?


Escort services are popular all over the world, with many people choosing to book the services of an escort for a variety of reasons. With the stigma involved with the industry, many people are likely to look down upon the service but it is not always what people think it is. People tend to use escort services for a wide variety of reasons.


We are social creatures and as such, we find it difficult to be without the company of other people. Even though that is the case, we still often find ourselves in situations when we are alone such as travelling for business, for example. If you do find yourself in a strange city with people that you don’t know, then you might want to hire the services of an escort to be your companion during your stay. They can act as your guide of the city if you want to get out and see more, or just be there with you as you relax after a hard day’s work.


We are creatures that do have basic instincts, and the need for intimacy is one of them. Many people don’t have close partners that they can be intimate with, for a variety of reasons, and some escorts can help to fulfil the need. Remember though that escorts are people and that they don’t have to do everything that you want them to do. Find the right escort for you though and she will be delighted to satisfy all of your intimacy needs.

For Show.

Escorts generally tend to be very beautiful ladies, and sometimes all a gentleman wants is to be seen with a beautiful lady on his arm. Some gentleman attending certain social functions wish to attend with a beautiful female companion for appearances sake and many escorts are ideal for the job. Not only are escorts good to look at, but many are also intelligent and elegant making them the ideal companion for anybody that is looking to impress.

A Guide.

An escort that knows the city well can make an ideal guide for anybody that wants to know where to go and how to get around. Whether you want to see the main tourist spots, the best night venues or just where to go to eat and maybe have a relaxing drink then an escort could be the ideal person. Of course, with an escort as your guide rather than a professional tour guide, you are more likely to get a personalised tour, and one that offers the chance for more intimacy than most.

An Assistant.

Do you need help to get things done while you are in town? Do you need any errands to be run or perhaps some help with some paperwork? You can usually call escorts 24/7 so if you are in need of assistance with something then help is often never far away. To book the services of a professional assistant will often take time, which would be of little use if you are in a hurry, but with an escort you could at least get things done quickly.