The London Escort Going on a European Tour.

Many of us dream of seeing the world, but unfortunately very few of us actually manage to do it. Travelling can be costly, putting it out of the financial reach of many of us. It is also not practical when we have commitments such as jobs and a family. Sadly, this means that the closest we come is the occasional holiday away for a week or two, if we are lucky. Some people, though, are much more fortunate. Some even manage to make travelling a part of their career.

The Perfect Job
Cherry has been an escort with PalaceVIP for 4 years, and has arranged to go on a tour around Europe. She has managed to make the arrangements partly through saving hard, and partly because she is making it a working holiday. During her time as an escort, she has met clients from around Europe, and has been able to arrange appointments with them in their own countries. In some cases, she will be having all accommodation and travel costs arranged for her. For her, escorting is the perfect job as it allows her to fulfill a lifelong dream.

First Europe, Then the World
Cherry has clients from all over the world and, once she has toured Europe, she hopes to see more of the world as well. With several clients in America, the states look like a likely destination, and she has already made some preliminary enquiries. She says that she hopes to settle down in one place at some point in the future. For now, though, she hopes to travel as much of the world as possible while she can.