When people think of escorts, the most common thing that springs to mind is likely to be just a beautiful lady that will spend time with you. This is mostly right, of course, although many escorts come with more than just a pretty face and attractive body. A lot of escorts are also highly intelligent women that are making a good living for themselves in a potentially lucrative job. One London escort is even smart enough to give the world’s greatest chess masters a run for their money.


Playing Since Childhood


Jackie, who is a London escorts 24/7, says that she has been keen on playing chess ever since her father taught her how to play when she was young. When she started playing with others at school it became clear that she had quite a talent, and it was a talent that took her onto the regional championships when she was at school.

One of Jackie’s teachers said “It wasn’t just chess that Jackie was great at, she was a straight A student all round”, he said. “It was always great having her as a student and she was often way ahead of the class”.


Playing against the Best


When she was older, Jackie was invited to play in some of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments, and she got to play against some true masters. In one game against a current world champion at the time it looked as though she would win, but the champion somehow managed to pull through in the end. She still likes to take part in competition from time to time, but is not able to dedicate her time to practicing to really make it to the top again.


A Superb Escort


People often ask Jackie why somebody with an intellect such as hers is working as an escort, but Jackie says she wouldn’t change it for the world. The thrill of meeting new people and making them happy makes it a great job to Jackie, and she is known to her clients to be a superb escort.

If you are booking an escort any time soon you might be forgiven for assuming that lady you will be meeting is not the academic type, but you could be very wrong. It could be that you are meeting somebody with a great mind such as Jackie, and they may have an intellect that will put your own to shame.