The vast majority of us would like to have more money if we could. While many have aspirations of owning a luxury mansion or supercar, many more of us would be content to just be able to pay the bills on time. Even if we are careful with budgeting, our income is not always what we expect it to be and we can occasionally have to meet unexpected outgoings. It can be tough to make ends meet and even just pay for the basics, with luxury items coming way down the list.

Some of us take on extra work to help afford what we need to pay, and maybe even have a little left over to treat ourselves with. Extra work often comes by way of doing over-time or taking on part-time jobs, while others may take on a more entrepreneurial approach to making more money. Some of have talents that we can try and use to make money from, and one London escort is using her singing talents to try and raise some extra cash.


A Passion for Performing.

Gabriella has enjoyed singing from a very young age and has always wanted to perform on stage as a singer. She hasn’t quite made it as a successful vocalist yet and is currently working as a London escort to help pay the bills, although she is not giving up her dream. Gabriella enters into talent competitions whenever she gets the chance in the hope of winning cash prizes, or maybe even being spotted by a record producer.


“It’s not just about the prizes and hoping to be recognized”, said Gabriella. “I also just love being on stage regardless of how well I do”. “That cash prizes help to give me more money to spend is just an added bonus”, she added. “That’s not to say that I am not delighted when I do well in a competition”. “I made five thousand pounds last month and that helped a great deal in catching up with some debts that I have”. “I have had a couple of approaches from record producers”, she added. “Nothing has happened with that yet but it is promising at least”. “Who knows, maybe one day I will even become quite famous and be able to give up my job as a London escort”, she concluded.


A Fun and Exciting Past Time.

Gabriel obviously loves entering into the competitions, and her friends just love going along to support her. Fellow London escort Jane explained how following Gabriella around the country is great for all of them. “Life of London escorts can be tough at times”, said Jane. “If you allow it to it can begin to get you down a little what with all the pressures involved, so it is important to keep on top of that”. “Following Gabriella is a great way of achieving that as it gives us all something to cheer for, especially when she does well”.

“We have been all over the country with Gabriella making it a great opportunity to get away and see new places”, she continued. “Plus, of course, we make sure that we all get to have a girl’s night out together once the show has finished”.