Many people believe that dreams can be interpreted in a way that helps the person to understand events in their life better, and act accordingly to improve their lot. Not everybody agrees, but there might be some logic behind it as a dream could be an image of just what is happening in your subconscious which could unlock answers to questions that might be troubling you.

Busty girls Stephanie, who has been working for 7 years, thinks she can read peoples’ dreams to help them overcome obstacles in their lives, and she is beginning to see a lot of demand for her services.

A Natural Talent

“It’s just something that I have been able to do since a young age”, said Stephanie. “I would always be asking my family about their dreams so I could help them interpret them and my mum always told me that my dream interpretations turned out to be just right”. “I became known for it at school as well and even some of the teachers would ask me to interpret their dreams for them, it is something that I have always loved doing”, she finished.

Rising Demand

“I had never imagined that I would benefit financially from it, but high demand for my services have encouraged me to move away from my job as a Elite London Escorts and take up dream interpretation full time” she added. “Business has been going well and I have a lot of customers that come back regularly, I still like to interpret my friends’ dreams for free though” she concluded.